Tuesday, 5 May 2015

S’mores macarons

Woohoo, my almost-mid-year-resolution of a recipe a week is getting off to a flying start. Let’s hope it lasts Smile

Anyway, on with the recipe.  If you've read my post about all the macarons I tried whilst I was in New York, you will know how much I loved the s’mores macaron I sampled from Macaron Parlour. Since then I've been developing my own recipe for a s’mores macaron which is now ready to share.

My s’mores macaron is a combination of rich dark chocolate ganache topped with lightly toasted marshmallow cream. We all know that s’mores is an abbreviation of ‘some more’, well once you’ve tried one of these, you will certainly want some more!



(makes approximately 30 3.5 cm shells)

For the shells you will need:
- 60 g icing sugar
- 70 g ground almonds
- 1 tsp cornflour
- 52 g egg whites
- 52 g caster sugar
- 1/8 tsp brown food colouring paste (I use Wilton's)

For the marshmallow creme you will need:
- white from one large egg
- 1/8 tsp cream of tartare
- 85 g golden syrup
- 50 g granulated sugar
- 30 ml water
- 0.5 teaspoon of vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract
- a good pinch of salt

To make the dark chocolate ganache you will need
- 100 g dark chocolate
- 100 ml double cream

You will notice that this marshmallow recipe contains no gelatine, so it won't set like normal marshmallow it will be more like marshmallow fluff, only less sickly sweet.

French meringue macarons recipe

For a detailed and illustrated step-by-step guide to making my macaron shells, please see my french meringue macaron recipe

  1. Preheat the oven to 150C
  2. Grind the almonds in a food processor with the icing sugar and cornflour
  3. Beat the egg whites with an electric whisk and gradually add in the caster sugar.
  4. Once all the sugar has been incorporated, continue to beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form. Then whisk in the powder or gel food colouring
  5. Fold in half of the almond mixture until fully incorporated then fold in the final half
  6. Transfer the mixture into a piping bag and pipe out onto trays lined with baking
  7. paper or silicone baking mats. Firmly tap the trays on the countertop to bring any air bubbles to the surface. Quickly pop these with a toothpick
  8. Allow the macarons to rest until they are dry to the touch
  9. Bake the macarons at 150C for about 20-30 minutes or until you can break one open and the interior is no longer wet
  10. After baking allow the macarons to get quite cool before filling

When filling these macarons, I like the marshmallow to sit proudly atop dark chocolate ganache, so the layer of marshmallow and dark chocolate are both visible when the macaron is assembled. This means that these macarons contain quite a lot of filling, so when the shells come out if the oven (this needs to be done while he macarons are still warm) I gently press the bottoms in slightly to create a more concave base to allow me to cram more filling in. I never do this ordinarily, but I feel the filling of these macarons warrants it.

To make the marshmallow creme

  1. Place the golden syrup, granulated sugar and water into a small saucepan under a medium heat
  2. Place a sugar thermometer in the saucepan and heat to 115C
  3. When the sugar syrup reaches 100C you can start to whip your egg whites to the soft peak stage
  4. When the syrup reaches 115C, slowly whisk into the beaten egg whites and continue to whisk until the mixture is cooled and the marshmallow is thick and glossy
  5. Lastly, whisk in he vanilla extract and the salt

To make the dark chocolate ganache

  1. Finely chop the dark chocolate
  2. Bring the cream to simmering point and pour over the dark chocolate pieces.
  3. Allow the mixture to stand for 30 seconds before stirring to combine
  4. Allow the ganache to cool at room temperature (if you put it in the fridge it will go too solid), once cooled it will be of a pipeable consistency.

Assemble the macarons

  1. Pair like-sized macarons together
  2. Pipe a round of dark chocolate ganache in the base then pipe the marshmallow creme on top
  3. Using a knife dipped in cold water, flatten the peaks that appear when the marshmallow is piped - if you do not do this, the peaks will burn quickly when it comes to toasting the marshmallow
  4. Use a kitchen blow torch (I bought mine from Amazon), lightly brown the marshmallow, being careful not to catch the shells. If you like, you can add a sprinkling of digestive biscuits or graham cracker crumbs (as I can't eat gluten, I don't do this)
  5. Put the lids on and gently press together
  6. Allow these macarons to mature for 48 hours - the longer maturation time for these macarons is necessary as the filling does not contain a lot of moisture

These tasted exactly like the ones I tried in the Macaron Parlour, I haven’t seen any s’mores macarons for sale in the UK, so I’m very pleased that I can now generate my own supply Smile